Blasus! Food festivals in North Wales are on their way. Time to tuck in!



It’s time for food festivals in North Wales! As the summer season draws to a close, North Wales gears up for the next busy period in the tourist calendar. As the steamy days of summer give way to misty autumn, North Wales turns up the heat of a different kind – now we’re cooking with gas!

Each autumn the region transforms into a hotpot of gastronomic delight for visitors as ‘food festival season’ gets into full swing with a banquet of lip-smacking events taking place right up to Christmas.

Blasus is the Welsh word for delicious – visit any one of of these fantastic foodie festivals and we guarantee you’ll be saying it again and again!


Beaumaris Food Festival, 10-11 September

With Beaumaris Castle in the background, this is one festival that may just catch some late-summer sun, making it an excellent way to round off your holiday season.

It also helps to raise funds for local beneficiaries, with nearly £25,000 paid to the local leisure centre last year, so you’re helping the community to thrive too.

For more information visit the website.

Conwy Honey Festival, 12-13 September

Running back-to-back with Beaumaris Food Festival, head to Conwy for this celebration of bees’ busy work, not only including edible honey, but also products like honey soap and beeswax candles.

You can meet the beekeepers in person, too, making this a great educational opportunity for inquisitive children and adults alike to find out more about the profession.

To plan your visit to Conwy’s Honey Fair visit the website.

The Good Life Experience, 16-18 September

This discovery weekend isn’t your ordinary food festival, but instead honours food and drink as part of an overall outdoor lifestyle, alongside crafts, entertainment, fairground rides, music and literary performances.

Again, organisers will be hoping the late-summer weather holds fair for the weekend, so all who attend can make the most of the open-air festivities.

Fancy a slice of the good life too? Visit the website for full details of the festival, including events and exhibitors.

Mold Food & Drink Festival, 17-18 September

Over 13,000 visitors are expected to attend Mold Food & Drink Festival, with stalls and displays from 120 local food and drink producers.

Celebrity chefs will be on hand to answer questions and carry out cooking demonstrations, with classes and workshops available too.

Find out more here.


Llangollen Food Festival, 15-16 October

The Llangollen Food Festival also goes by the shorter name of ‘Hamper 2016’, so look out for events under both names in mid-October.

Local produce from cheese to ice cream will be on show, so head along to any of the events and dig in for a delicious taste of Llangollen life over two days in early autumn.

Bring your own hamper and fill it with goodies! For more information visit the website here.

Gwledd Conwy Feast, 22-23 October

This food festival officially takes place over the weekend on the Saturday and Sunday, but those in the know will arrive on Friday.

Why? Because the event kicks off with a bang – quite literally – as a packed Friday evening itinerary is rounded off by a lavish firework display in the skies over Conwy.

There are music and arts events on the schedule too, turning this from a gastronomic weekend into a celebration of local culture.

You can engage with the organisers ahead of time via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – and unlike many events, the 2015 website has been preserved in full, so you can remember your visit or take a look at what you missed out on.

Fancy munching your way along Conwy Quay too? For the full festival line up, visit the Gwledd website.


Portmeirion Food and Craft Fair, 3-4 December

There’s never a bad time to visit the famous village of Portmeirion, but early December is an especially good time to head there and sample some local delicacies.

Its late-season scheduling is an added bonus, as it’s not just one of the last chances in the year to attend a food fair – it’s also one of the earliest Christmas markets in the holiday period.

As such, the food stalls nestle in among craft stalls too, and you can enjoy a range of locally sourced snacks, hot and cold foods, as well as drinks including mulled wine, all while getting some Christmas shopping done at the same time.

Plan your festive visit here.

(Image courtesy of ‘afeitar’ via Flickr.)