Month: September 2016

Who ya gonna call? Ghastly ghost hunts in North Wales this autumn

ghost hunts North Wales

In days gone by All Hallows Eve (31 October) was the night people felt closest to the spirits of the departed; it was believed you could even converse with them on this one special and spooky night. Halloween, as it’s better known today, has become the commercial highlight of the autumnal calendar and is the… Read more »

Blasus! Food festivals in North Wales are on their way. Time to tuck in!

food festivals in North Wales

  It’s time for food festivals in North Wales! As the summer season draws to a close, North Wales gears up for the next busy period in the tourist calendar. As the steamy days of summer give way to misty autumn, North Wales turns up the heat of a different kind – now we’re cooking… Read more »