Step back in time with Visit Wales’ Year of Legends

Step back in time with the Year of Legends

Historic Caernarfon looks forward to welcoming the Year of Legends!


2017 is the Visit Wales Year of Legends, and we couldn’t be more excited. A whole year to celebrate and explore the immense history of Wales, as well as learning all about its fascinating stories, myths and legends.

2016 marked the start of the Welsh Government’s three year plan to promote all that is best about Wales, based on three themes: ‘Adventure’ in 2016, ‘Legends’ in 2017, and ‘The Sea’ in 2018.

Now coming to an end, the Year of Adventure created an incredible buzz about Wales, nationally and internationally. It saw a series of major events supported by official ambassadors, including Bear Grylls, and unofficial ambassadors, such as the Welsh national football squad who dazzled at the European Championships this summer.

In fact, we’ve had such a successful year that North Wales features in the Lonely Planet’s Top 10 Places to Visit in the world in 2017. Yes, you heard right – in the world!

So what is the Year of Legends all about?

The Year of Legends will rediscover Wales’ culture, heritage and mythical landscapes but, while we will be sharing this rich history with visitors, it’s not all about looking back.

2017 will bring the very essence of Wales to life, celebrating ancient and modern day Welsh legends, products and events the Welsh are proud to call their own.

The Year of Legends will help us appreciate everything that is unique, beautiful and intriguing about our country. Old and new will intertwine to showcase our ageless heritage and our bright future to visitors.

Building on the buzz created by the Year of Adventure, the Year of Legends aims to further elevate Wales as a must-visit destination on the international stage and attract even more visitors in 2017.

The Royal Victoria Hotel is very excited to be a part of this and we’re looking forward to sharing our local heritage with you over the next twelve months, through our blogs and events.

What will be happening in Wales in 2017?

2017 will play host to a vast array of activities, events and attractions for visitors to discover our culture.

From learning more about our legendary figures, everyone from Merlin to Hedd Wyn; to understanding our industrial heritage as told by the musical, Tiger Bay; to literally stepping back in time on historic trails around the country – the choice is endless.

There will be an abundance of fun and creative activities for all ages set to the stunning backdrop of Wales’ formidable fortresses. The highlight will be The Tournament, a dazzling medieval festival taking place in June, the first of its kind in Conwy.

We Welsh are fiercely proud of our storytelling heritage – from the bards, to the Mabinogion, to myth of King Arthur – and we aim to share our love of stories with all who visit next year – look out for CADWsSummer of Stories.

Visit Wales is teaming up with Visit Britain to promote the release of the epic new movie, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Due to hit cinemas in the spring, this reboot of a classic Celtic myth was filmed extensively on location in Snowdonia.

Finally, Wales will host the UEFA Champions League Final, heading to Cardiff in June and set to be one of the sporting events of the year!

A year to remember?

We think so. The Year of Legends is our opportunity to tell the story of Wales from our perspective. Anyone who visits in 2017 will hear the story of Wales firsthand from the people who know it best.

If you love adventure, romance, magic and mystery then a trip to Wales should be top of your New Year’s Resolutions!

(Image: courtesy of James Petts 2012, via Flickr and available for re-use under the Creative Commons License)